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World Wings 2022 Convention Cruise
General Information


Registration is limited to active members of World Wings, their guests, and to former Pan Am employees and their guests.

World Wings Members: On the registration form, include your chapter or MAL affiliation and your guest information if they are NOT a former PAA flight attendant. If your cabin mate is a former PAA flight attendant, they must be an active member of WWI and must register separately.
Former PAA Employees: On the registration form, enter “Former PAA Employee” on the WWI Chapter line, and include your department and any other pertinent information.

  • Day 1 (Oct 3): Departure 6:00 PM
    You will want to catch a view of the beautiful city skyline as we sail out of Boston’s seaport. The evening starts with our private and exclusive Welcome Cocktail Party where you’ll reconnect with friends.
  • Day 2 (Oct 4): Cruising
    In the morning, take the time to relax and enjoy the sights along the coastline as we spend the day at sea. Join your Pan Am colleagues for the World Wings International Annual Meeting, which will be followed by our invited guest speaker.
  • Day 3 (Oct 5): Portland, Maine
    Portland is one of the prettiest coastal towns and has a rich history and folklore waiting to be explored. Established in 1632 as a fishing and trading settlement by the British, the city still holds its rustic charm near and dear. From the beautiful looming lighthouses to the deep blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the quaint brick buildings, and 19th century warehouses, everywhere you look on your cruise to Maine you’ll find enchanting New England splendor. This will be our first “Evening Chic” night. Dressier than smart casual, “Evening Chic” is less dressy than formal attire.
  • Day 4 (Oct 6): Bar Harbor, Maine
    The list of residents inhabiting this part of Mount Desert Island once read like a who’s who of America’s richest citizens – Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Carnegie, to name a few. Now anyone can come and visit the adjacent Acadia National Park, which offers a network of hiking trails leading to some of the region’s most breathtaking views of the Atlantic.
  • Day 5 (Oct 7): Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Located on the shores of the world’s second-largest natural harbor, the “City of Trees” adds to the pastoral beauty of Canada’s maritime region. An extensive network of walking trails extends from the waterfront out to a series of beautiful parks and vibrant gardens, inviting exploration.
  • Day 6 (Oct 8): Cruising
    The Presidents’ Forum will take place after breakfast.
  • Day 7 (Oct 9): Cruising
    Enjoy views of the shoreline and blazing autumn foliage as we cruise up the St. Lawrence River.
  • Day 8 (Oct 10): Quebec City (Overnight Stay)
    Quebec City, Canada was first settled in 1535 by France and is one of North America’s oldest, and most beautiful cities. A captivating sense of French influence still echoes at every turn–from the language to the cuisine and the architecture. There is so much rich history and culture to explore on Quebec cruises. Walk the quaint streets passed stone houses, churches, cafés, and abandoned military fortifications that at one time helped to hold invading forces at bay.
  • Day 9 (Oct 11):Departure – Quebec City
    Enjoy the sunrise and the view of Quebec City as we depart this lovely port and cruise east along the St. Lawrence River.
  • Day 10 (Oct 12): Cruising
    Step out on the deck and take in the beauty of landscape as we make our way to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.
  • Day 11 (Oct 13): Sydney, Nova Scotia
    Sydney, Nova Scotia lies on the northeast coast of Cape Breton Island. Founded in 1785 by the British, this small port city is the perfect gateway to the beauty and wonder of Cape Breton Island. Just outside the city limits lies a wealth of sightseeing possibilities, including nature walks and museums. Discover Cabot Trail and explore the raw unspoiled nature of Canada, breathtaking coastal vistas, kayaking, hiking and much more. Join your friends for our exclusive Farewell Cocktail Party before having another superb dinner. This will be our second “Evening Chic” night.
  • Day 12 (Oct 14): Cruising
    On the final full day of our cruise, sit back, relax, and take advantage of all the Celebrity Summit has to offer.
  • Day 13 (Oct 15): Arrival Boston 7:00 AM

The following included benefits are exclusive to those booking this cruise through World Wings:

  • Annual Convention Registration with an amazing WWI Welcome Bag
  • Welcome Champagne or Mimosa
  • In-Stateroom Hospitality Surprise (1 per cabin)
  • Two private Cocktail Parties with Hors d’oeuvres & Live Music
  • All meals, including complimentary room service (A surcharge applies to meals taken in specialty restaurants. A nominal fee is charged for wee hours room service.)
  • Premium Beverage Package: unlimited alcohol, beer, wines, espressos, cappuccinos, teas, juices, waters, soft drinks – up to $15 per drink. (If over $15 per drink, only pay the difference.)
  • Meeting Refreshments
  • $150.00 Per Person On-Board Credit, yours to use for specialty restaurants, spa, onboard shops or shore excursions and tours.
  • All port costs, fees and taxes
  • Prepaid Gratuities
  • Unlimited Internet (itself a $250 value pp for the week!)

Anyone booking outside of our World Wings block will not be entitled to receive negotiated benefits and admission will be denied to our exclusive events.

If you are traveling to Boston by air (or driving any long distance), we strongly suggest that you arrive on October 2, the day prior to embarkation. Precise boarding times will vary and will be communicated to you closer to the cruise departure.

There are many advantages to booking your air travel with “Flights by Celebrity”. These benefits include book now – pay later, competitive pricing, points/mileage accrual, and no booking fees. In addition, if your “Flights by Celebrity” booked flight is delayed, Celebrity will assume responsibility for rerouting and delivering you to our ship.

We are arranging a block of hotel rooms for the night of October 2, as well as transportation to the port from the hotel the next morning. Information will be made available when the contracts are finalized.


  • Click here for stateroom information and onboard activities.
  • Click here for ship information (Celebrity Summit). Scroll down the page to see deck plans online.
  • Click here for the ship fact sheet for the Celebrity Summit.
  • Click here for shore excursion list.
  • If you are booking an accessible cabin, have dietary restrictions, or have other special needs, you must complete a Celebrity Guest Special Needs Form. Click here for the Special Needs form.
  • Cabins are equipped with twin beds, convertible into a queen. You will specify in your registration whether you want two twin beds or one queen bed.
Advance Check-in can be largely accomplished by downloading the Celebrity App to your Smart Phone up to 90 days prior to departure. By using this free option, you will greatly expedite the boarding process.

Check-In and Boarding for a cruise are considerably different than checking in for a flight. One of the most important factors is that last-minute boarding is simply not permitted per government restrictions.

At this time, departure processes are being updated. We will post these procedures once they’ve been released by Celebrity. We strongly encourage everyone flying to BOS to arrive on Sunday, 02 October. We ask for your patience as these procedures are developed and implemented.


In the pricing chart, the stateroom designations (such as S1, S2, A2, etc) indicate the type of cabin.

Click here for ship information (Celebrity Summit). Scroll to the bottom of the page to see deck plans online. Click any deck number to see its layout.

  • A1 Aqua Class staterooms are located on deck 11.
  • A2 Aqua Class staterooms are located on deck 9.
  • C2 Concierge Class staterooms are found on deck 8.
  • C3 Concierge Class staterooms are found on decks 7 & 8.
  • 2A staterooms are located on deck 7.
  • 09 inside staterooms are found on decks 7, 8, 9, and 11.

Prices shown are per person (pp) for double occupancy. Some cabins are available for single occupancy and are priced as noted below.

S1 Sky Suite Veranda SOLD OUT $6,245 pp $599 pp $12,264 $1,399 pp
S2 Sky Suite Veranda SOLD OUT $5,845 pp $479 pp $11,464 $1,199 pp
A1 Aqua Class Stateroom/Veranda SOLD OUT $3,745 pp $339 pp $7,264 $659 pp
A1 Aqua Class Stateroom/Veranda Accessible* $3,745 pp $339 pp $7,264 $659 pp
A2 Aqua Class Stateroom/Veranda $3,645 pp $279 pp $7,064 $629 pp
C2 Concierge Class/Veranda $3,545 pp $279 pp $6,864 $629 pp
C3 Concierge Class/Veranda $3,445 pp $279 pp $6,664 $599 pp
2A Deluxe Oceanview/Veranda $3,345 pp $279 pp $6,464 $599 pp
2A Deluxe Oceanview/Veranda Accessible* $3,345 pp $279 pp $6,464 $599 pp
09 Inside Stateroom $2,345 pp $189 pp $4,464 $379 pp
09 Inside Stateroom Accessible* $2,345 pp $189 pp $4,464 $379 pp
* Accessible cabins are for persons with special mobility needs. Submission of Celebrity Guest Special Needs Form will be required later

  • Base price includes Port Charges, Taxes, Fees, Gratuities, Premium Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet, In-Stateroom gift (1 per cabin), 2 Exclusive Cocktail Parties, All Meals (specialty restaurants incur a surcharge, nominal additional fee for wee hours room service), $150 Onboard Credit per person, and WWI Welcome Gift.
  • Registration Fee ($55) and optional CruiseCare Insurance are NOT included in price. Insurance is quoted separately and will be billed separately to your card. The registration fee will be billed via PayPal invoice. Both registration fee and CruiseCare insurance are non-refundable.
  • Residents of New York State will be handled on an individual basis for CruiseCare (AON Insurance).

November 15, 2021 $775
March 15, 2022 $775
June 25, 2022 Remaining balance
  • The person registering typically pays for both self and guest. However, if the guest wants to pay separately, we can generally accommodate. Both must complete a separate registration with the identical cabin category selected and specifying the name of the cabin mate.
  • Former Pan Am flight attendants who will be cabin mates must fill out separate registrations with the identical cabin category selected and specifying the name of the cabin mate.
  • Those registering online will receive a call from WWI member Cathy LIddy regarding credit card payments. Cathy will contact online registrants within two weeks after registration.
  • Note that if you are registering after February 15, you will need to pay both the first and second installment upon registering.

Click Here to contact Monique for more information.
Click Here to Register.


Before 1/25/22: Reservations may be cancelled without a fee.
1/26/22 – 3/25/22: Cancellation fee of $50
3/26/22 – 5/25/22: Cancellation fee of $100
5/26/22 – 7/25/22: Cancellation fee of $200
7/26/22 – 8/25/22: Cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total cruise fare
On or after 8/26/22: Cancellation fee 100% of the total cruise fare
Note that registration fee of $55 and CruiseCare insurance are non-refundable.