Helpful Information for your Stockholm Visit

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From and to the Airport/Arlanda

The best option is to take a bus. The Flygbussarna Airport Coaches depart every 10-15 minutes between Arlanda Airport and the City Terminal (next to the Central Station) and travel time is around 50 minutes. Buy your ticket in the terminal or online before you leave your home destination. Price 119: – SEK/one way (Oct 2018).

A Taxi takes around 40 mins to central Stockholm at costs 520; – SEK (Oct 2018).
We strongly recommend to only use Taxi Stockholm or Taxi Kurir. They have a set price. Ask for the set price. Do not use other taxi companies, as they might charge you much more.

The Arlanda Express train operates from Arlanda Airport to/from Stockholm Central Station every 15 min. throughout the day. The travel time is only 20 min. It costs extra to purchase a ticket on board the train. Book tickets online or buy one at the terminal.


Our currency is the Swedish Crown “Krona” SEK. You can pay everywhere with a credit card. We hardly use cash, except when using public restrooms.
Don´t forget your pin code number or ID card (passport).


Tipping is not mandatory. Some people round the amount up by 5-10%, some do not tip at all. If you buy a drink at the bar and pay directly, it’s generally appreciated if you leave any small coins from the change on the bar. You should avoid any place that adds a mandatory service charge e.g. in the Old Town on Västerlånggatan. Otherwise service charges are very uncommon.


Most Swedes speak English. You will have no problem.

Public Transportation

Taxis are expensive, so is public transportation. However, the public transportation is excellent, with a comprehensive metro (T-bana), bus and tram network. The best deal is to get a three-day ticket that you buy at all metro stations or at 7-eleven/ Pressbyrån.
The buses are cash free, so you always need a Metro card or bus- ticket before getting on. Ask for senior discount.


Use free restrooms when you can… but carry change. In smaller cafés and restaurants, they offer free facilities. Larger places, public spaces and department stores charge SEK10 to use the restrooms.

Internet and WiFi

There are plenty of free Wi-Fi spots around the city. The app Free WiFi Map can help you find free WiFi around the city (available for iOS and Android.).
Stockholm is one of the most connected cities in Europe and there’s access to free WiFi in most places. Many public spaces also offer free WiFi for example, at the Central Station. Most cafes and hotels provide their guests with free WiFi.


Drink from the tap – the water is probably cleaner out of the tap than in a bottle so bring your own water bottle and just fill up from the tap.