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Monique Rounsavelle, Convention & Meeting Manager
Rita Orland, Convention Coordinator
Years with Pan Am: 1972-1986
Based at:  IAD, SEA, SFO
Since Pan Am: Flew for United Airlines until 2012. Started a Secretarial and Office Leasing Business. Held various PTA positions; HOA President, Treasurer, and ACC Chair at different times. My Harleys Owners Group (HOG): Membership Officer, Activities Officer, and Road Captain. Chaired the Ladies of Harley Summit. Also hold volunteer positions in my Square and Round Dancing communities.

Other WWI Positions:  Former President of the Seattle Chapter, Treasurer, and Membership Chair. Chaired Winterfest at Seattle’s Museum of Flight for 8 years. Chaired the Seattle Convention.

WWI Member:  Seattle


Monique's stated goal is

to continue our upscale convention gatherings whether it’s a cruise or land convention, bringing my many volunteer experiences into play.