World Wings Logo The History of World Wings International

In October 1952, the Chief Stewardess of Pan Am’s Pacific-Alaska Division obtained the names of stewardesses who had resigned from Pan Am within the preceding five years. The San Francisco Bay Area group was organized  from this list in 1953. At nearly the same time, two former Pan Am stewardesses arranged a get-together of friends from flying days who resided on Long Island. The name World Wings was selected in September 1958 and the organization was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in June 1959.

The Long Island chapter is officially recognized as the first chapter of World Wings International, Inc. Upon learning of the San Francisco group in 1958, the Long Island members suggested unification into a national organization. The San Francisco Bay Chapter of World Wings International, Inc. joined in December of 1959.

Today, World Wings International, Inc. is comprised of 26 domestic chapters, 4 international chapters, and several dozen members-at-large. In addition to supporting the present International Charity, CARE USA, each chapter supports one or more local charities.

Uniform photos courtesy of the Seattle Chapter’s “Uniforms for Charity” program

Vintage photos courtesy of the Pan Am Historical Foundation. Visit their website at