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FIHCA Convention 2018 - Vienna

FIHCA is a non-political federation of flight attendants and flight nurses, encouraging and developing friendship and solidarity with those who have shared this career. The yearly FIHCA Convention provides wonderful networking opportunities in a friendly setting. The 2018 convention was held in Vienna, Austria,

There were over 100 attendees, some from the Air France group, others from the Evergreens of Finnair, Sabena, Swissair, and TWA Clipped Wings, but Pan Am had the largest representation with 7 members from Paris and 13 from other World Wings chapters.

The Secretary-General, Françoise Dauzat, Air France, and Delphine Auguste, our Travel Agent, put together a wonderful program. The group thoroughly enjoyed the sights of Vienna, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Many of their buildings date back to the 1800s when the Austro-Hungarian Empire was in its glory. Their Baroque architecture is most attractive and impressive. They also spent a day in Bratislava, Slovakia, some 35 miles away and we were given a walking tour. This too is an interesting city, worth a visit (and tourist-friendly) and return to Vienna was via hydroplane on the Danube.