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The Telegraph article: Triumph, terror and tragedy: The incredible story of Clipper Victor, the first 747
Airways Magazine Article:
Pan Am in Vietnam

During the Vietnam War, Pan Am flew troops in and out of an active war zone on rest and recuperation trips. The flight attendants on those planes didn’t get any special training or preparation to deal with some of the horrors they would witness, and when the war was over, they didn’t receive recognition from the U.S. government. But their role left a lasting impact, even if their contributions were largely forgotten.

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October 21, 2020

Long Island Newsday Article:
Washington Post Magazine Article on PA Stewardesses flying to Saigon during Vietnam War
First Transatlantic Pan Am 707
2019 Miami Herald Article “The golden age of air travel began — and ended — in Miami. Memories of Pan Am live on.”
Pan Am 707

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