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The Pan Am Historical Foundation was established in 1992 to preserve and promote the legacy of Pan American World Airways and its incomparable contributions to the technology, convenience, safety, and excitement of commercial aviation.

The Pan Am Aware Store For nearly 30 years, dedicated former employees of Pan Am kept the faith by volunteering to operate an exclusive retail store. With the ongoing and generous support of the Pan Am International Flight Academy at Miami International Airport, the store provided tangible connections to Pan American World Airways and supported the mission of the Pan Am Historical Foundation. Sadly, the AWARE store closed in 2020.

Pan Am Brands helps Pan Am and its legacy live on through offerings of vintage and contemporary bags, luggage, apparel, accessories and more.

The Pan Am Museum Foundation, founded in 2015, seeks to develop a Pan Am Museum furthering the legacy of Pan American World Airways and its importance in aviation history.

Clipper Crew is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of Pan Am’s cabin crews 1928-1991.

Clipper Pioneers is an organization of retired Pan American pilots and crew, with friends and family welcome to join. is Kelly Cusack’s virtual Pan Am museum, sharing some of the history and personality of Pan American World Airways through company-issued publications, artifacts, and memorabilia. offers photos and tales of 81 cities and 161 hotels previously used as layover spots for Pan Am crews.

Pan Am National Alumni is a website for former Pan Am and National employees. provides maps and images (past and present) of the crash area, and the memorial garden in Lockerbie’s Dryfesdale Cemetery.

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