Quebec City - 2009

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Quebec City was a wonderful place to celebrate World Wings International’s 50th Anniversary.  The city welcomed us with the warmth of the people, beautiful fall colors and a bit of rain mixed with sunshine.  Halloween decorations were abundantly displayed in parks, on doorsteps and in shops and they reminded us that summer is over and we’ll shortly begin a new year.

While walking around, or taking a tour, Quebec City offered its French charm for all to enjoy.  The French look was apparent from its diversified architecure, its colors and its “Joie de Vivre”.  The history of Quebec City is long and there were many renowned sites to visit such as the Plains of Abraham, the City fortifications (walls and gates), the Citadel, the winding streets and the romantic Latin Quarter.  Enjoying a drink at the famous Chateau Frontenac was a must with its view of the water and old town below.  There were lots of antique shops and boutiques to enjoy and a wide variety of other shops and restaurants just waiting for us to walk through the door.

Events included were the “Fifty, Fabulous and Golden” Cocktail Party on Thursday, the “Golden Anniversary Crew Party” at the Sugar Shack (La Cabane a Pierre in Frampton, Quebec) on Friday, the “Fifty and Fabulous” Gala Event at the Capitole Theatre on Saturday and a wonderful “Fifty Years of Flying High Farewell Brunch” at the revolving L’Astral Restaurant atop the Loew’s Hotel on Sunday morning.