Stockholm Chapter Gallery

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Christmas Party 2018

Once again, Gerd Ringstöm – von Matérn invited us all to a delicious Christmas ”smörgåsbord”. When we entered her decorated house we got right into the Christmas spirit and since Santa Claus was invited, we didn´t miss out on anything.

We had a wonderful evening and everytime we see each other we have so much to talk about. This time, of course, the convention in San Diego and the upcoming convention in Stockholm 2019 were on the agenda. The evening ended with wishing each other a Merry Christmas and very happy and successful 2019.


Convention 2019 - Organizing Party

On November 7th, Ingrid Westin presented the plans for the 2019 convention in Stockholm. The chapter formed a group of seven members who will spearhead the effort for a successful gathering in 2019!
From left: Eva Barret Dahlerus, Lena Wachtmeister, Ingrid Bjorkander Westin, Madelaine Egnell