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Bruce Gately, Vice President Charity

Bruce Gately, Vice President Charity

Years with Pan Am: 1973-1991
Based at:  HOU, LHR
Since Pan Am: 1991-1996: American International, English Teacher in France; 1996-2015 United Airlines

WWI Member:  Paris

Other WWI Positions: Prior International VP Membership, Current Chapter Co-President Paris/Brussels, Co-Chair 2005 Paris Convention


Bruce's stated goal

is that we, as an organization founded in 1958, reach out to newer offshoot organizations of Pan Am Employees, such as The Clipper Pioneers, Pan Am Historic Foundation, and the Pan Am Museum Foundation. Our population is dwindling and we need to, as a federation of all the employee groups, communicate with each other and establish a common direction while maintaining the integrity of these unique and wonderful organizations.

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