Tokyo - 2010

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Tokyo Convention

The Tokyo chapter members pulled out all the stops in presenting a unique and most enjoyable 41st annual convention, held October 21-23, 2010. Thank you Tokyo!

The Tokyo chapter members pulled out all the stops in presenting a unique and most enjoyable convention which was held October 21-23, 2010.  A warm welcome was extended at the opening Cocktail Party on Thursday evening at the Top of TOCHO on the 45th floor of Tokyo Metropolitan North Tower.  The views of Tokyo spread out below were spectacular!  Everyone enjoyed the music beautifully played by Mayako Honda.  A wide variety of hors d’oeuvres were offered and no one went away hungry.

At the annual meeting held on Friday morning the keynote speaker, Ms. Kaoru Kanetaka, told of her life traveling the world as she produced a documentary “The World Around Us”.  Pan Am co-sponsored this documentary program for 25 years by taking her all over the world to over 150 countries .  She related some of the exciting times she had meeting leaders and shakers of the world and presented a slide show of photos with these world leaders, dignitaries, artists, entertainers and others.

Friday evening those who joined the optional dinner/cruise enjoyed a dinner and short cruise on a dinner boat in Tokyo Bay.  The meal had many items that were new to us but we tried them all!  After dinner the boat left the dock and we enjoyed the sights and lights of the city as we cruised along.  A caricaturist entertained us while creating wonderful cut-outs of cranes, panda bears, guest’s profiles and more.  The lights were bright, the evening clear and Tokyo was a pretty picture to top off the evening.

The Saturday night gala will long be remembered for the beautifully orchestrated evening.  From the greeting at the ballroom entry by chapter members wearing kimono, to the wonderful centerpieces created by chapter members, to the Japanese classical music played on traditional Japanese instruments, the graceful dancer elegantly performing traditional Japanese dances, to the sake toast, the delicious meal and the members of the Tokyo chapter (all wearing kimono) on stage and getting us to get up and dance – all was perfection.  Thank you Tokyo!