Ft. Lauderdale Chapter Gallery

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2017 Luncheon at Lenore Nolan-Ryan's Cooking School

The Ft. Lauderdale chapter had a great meeting at Lenore Nolan Ryan’s Cooking School! Lenore showed us how to prepare her Earthgrain Rice Pilaf and a delightful Mustard Shallot Vinaigrette. The lunch accompanied by wine was delicious.


2017 Fall Meeting and Luncheon

The Ft. Lauderdale chapter held their Fall Meeting on September 27 at Susan Sheehan’s home, and had a lovely luncheon afterwards at the Admiral’s Cove Country Club.


Pan Am TV Series Event 9/25/11

The Ft. Lauderdale Chapter held a viewing party for the premier of the Pan Am TV series on 9/25/11.